We at Studio Cake look forward to working with you to design the ultimate in cake creations for your celebration be it a Wedding, Birthday or any occasion that you wish to celebrate.

If you can imagine it, chances are, we can make it!

Do you want Your Party to boast a centerpiece that guests will be talking about for months to come? At Studio Cake, imagination & art will be merged into your own unique creation.

Our flowers and ornaments are beautifully hand crafted on site & we offer a large range of deliciously wicked cakes made with the best of ingredients.

Your cake can be decorated with simple elegance or be as intricate & detailed as you require … the sky is the limit. We are happy to coordinate your cake with any theme that you would like to party your Wedding Celebrant Sydney with for added fun.

We offer many exquisite extras for that special look for your celebration table such as our magnificent Horse & Carriage made of lace icing with a delicate icing church…a beautiful book opened to a poignant verse, surrounded by icing flowers and lace…icing bells, slippers, seashells and figurines can all be created to adorn the top of your cake, surrounded by our exquisite sugar flowers…embroidery and lacework spires can climb and curl around the sides of your creation to add an air of delicacy and

Models of whatever you require can be created for a more fun approach to your celebration as can pictures of anything you desire!

To book a personal consultation to organize your Cake Masterpiece please email us here.

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