Your wedding is Your special day and we want to work with you to make it a celebration that you will remember forever.

Our wedding cakes will create a masterpiece to decorate your table with, be it the classical beauty and elegance of our formal wedding cakes or for a more fun approach any theme that you would like to indulge in can be catered to.

Wedding cakes take a lot of time to prepare so make sure you plan well in advance and book your cake in early, preferably 3-6 months. Decide whether you want your cake to be part of the dessert or just to serve with coffee as this will determine what size cakes that you will need. Fondant icing is the best icing to use for wedding cakes as it gives us a lovely surface to work with, it is available in most colours and also in dark & white chocolate.

Our beautiful table decorations also add a touch of class and individuality to your wedding day and can also be kept as a beautiful memento of your wedding.

There is no better way of celebrating your Anniversary or Engagement than by eating one of our delicious creations. We love to individually tailor our cakes to suit the couples that are celebrating with friends and family. Once again cakes can be elegant or made to be a fun celebration the choice is yours.
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