Birthdays are a great way to have fun and really celebrate the passing of time, cakes can be beautiful, humorous, caricatures, rude, clever or just plain unusual.

We can tailor a cake to match the person that the celebration is for, an example being a scuba diving cake which had a flooded picture of a diver on the top & the sides of the cake were made into an undersea diorama with 3 dimensional sea creatures littering the sides & board surrounding the cake, sensational & good fun!

Photo’s can now be scanned & using edible ink be printed onto starch based edible toppings, these now offer such a huge range of possibilities to the world of cake decorating and combine to work very nicely with traditional icing techniques.



Christenings are another wonderful reason for celebrating and on this special day we have a huge number of possibilities. Icing blocks spelling out the babies name, sleeping babies, flooded icing animals, booties, bib’s, modeled creatures the sky is the limit!

This is that area where all the rest of the cakes fall into- be it graduation, memorial, corporate, Christmas, kitchen tea, thank-you cakes, Tortes with strawberries & toffee and just about any other cake that you can think of.!
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